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This page is dedicated to all protein bars. There are a variety of protein bars that are available for sale at your local drug store, your grocery store, your online drugstore, and at many specialty stores, so it is not an all inclusive list.

The main difference between protein bars and chocolate is that protein bars contain protein, while chocolate bars contain sugar, usually as a sweetener. One of the key advantages of protein bars is that they provide a steady stream of energy throughout the day. A large percentage of the calories in a protein bar are fat. A large portion of the calories are also from carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Protein bars contain high amounts of protein, which is good for muscle building and keeping the body in a healthy state, as well as a source of vitamins. If you are looking for a low calorie protein bar, there are many brands on the market. Many people prefer the taste of protein bars. Some people also like the fact that protein bars are easy to digest and they don't give a huge amount of calories. There are a number of different protein bars out there. Some bars are more or less like a regular bar, while others have an added protein, such as the protein powder.

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