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Some of these products are based on science and many of them are actually useful! I have personally used many of them and can tell you they help. Here are some more products I find useful.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the most popular method of stress reduction. CBT is basically the same thing that the anti-depressants are – treating negative thought and feelings. It is not a medication, however, and I don't suggest it for people with the need for medication. I use it when I am feeling stressed or worried. I've found that it works best with anxiety and depression (which I have in my family) and those two symptoms together can be a challenge when you are stressed. However, it is not as strong for everything, such as irritability. It also seems to have a more long-lasting effect than most of the medications, though. This is why I recommend it. How to use CBT: I recommend that you spend some time going through the videos and reading the information at the beginning before you begin. For instance, there are four different kinds of CBT. The first kind is about "stress management," which is about being aware of and controlling how you feel about stress, and how it's affecting you. There are three things you have to learn:

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